Tempus Realty is an Arkansas-based real estate investment partnership focused on acquiring and developing commercial real estate in the South, Southeast and Midwest. Our strategy is to create a series of acquisitions for investors that leverage the local Tempus relationships in target cities. 


Tempus teams with best-in-class local developers, property managers and leasing agents to create value for investors, while offering unique opportunities to select deals that fit each investor’s specific investment goals.

Advantages in Choosing


Tempus differentiates itself by enabling investors to choose a specified amount to invest per property and enables investors to select deals that fit their specific investment goals.  Tempus also offers the potential to use 1031 exchange rules going into and out of transactions. 


The hold period is determined by what is right for each individual asset, not an arbitrary term for a fund.  Other advantages include an investor-friendly fee structure as well as significant sponsor investment in each transaction.